Sport Performance

Are you looking to improve your power output, speed, agility and sport performance? If so, we can help. With our therapist having been a D1 athlete, we know what it takes to get you on top of your game. By combining your sports demands, your strengths and weaknesses, as well as injury prevention training, we can make sure you are ready for the next season. We believe in keeping an athlete on the field and off of IR as much as possible. Understanding in-season training and “off”-season training are important, as training will be different for each.

We offer 1-1 or group training as well as ACL prevention programs which can be performed on a team basis. All of the programs will focus on improving speed, quickness, reaction time, vertical jump, agility training and more. We can often identify what weaknesses need to be addressed in order to decrease the risk of injury and keep our athletes in the game. Having access to a full gym, we are able to achieve better results and more efficient training.