Hip pain is more common than you think. Hip pain is present in 30-40% of adults who play sports. Of people over the age of 60, it is present in 12-15%. There are many causes of hip pain ranging from arthritis to impingement (FAI) to labral tears etc. Dancers/cheerleaders often have hip impairments due to the flexibility, load and demand of their sport.

Runners are also a common group that experience hip pain for various reasons such as stride length or glute activation deficits.

Although those are some of the commonly injured groups, anyone participating in sport will need strong hips in order to succeed.

Hip strength and stability play a huge role in balance as well. Your hip strength is what prevents your pelvis from dropping with every step. Weakness in this area can lead to breakdown of the hip, pain in the lower back, knee instability/pain and more.

Hip Pain