Train Wreck or Training Wreck?

Many people come into my office and the first thing I hear is “Doc, I am a mess.” While I appreciate the euphemism, it begs the question. Are you a mess or is your training program/technique a mess?

As we all know, technique is a big factor in injuries, stresses and strains. If your squat form (for example)  is a mess, then it likely won’t be long before you are complaining about something hurting. If you practice this poor form for long enough, then that nagging pain is likely to turn into an injury. This concept can be reiterated through any of the large lifts or movements. Make sure you are checking in on your technique from time to time. This can be done via a gym partner, mirror feedback, or video feedback. However you choose to be held accountable is up to you, but just make sure you are consistent with it.

Traing program

A concept that gets less publicity is training volume. This is as much a factor as form. Ever met someone who jumps from program to program? Or starts a new program and complains of back pain every time? Just because your programs are both 4 days a week, does not mean that they are comparable programs. One may have you squatting 1x/wk and the other may have you squatting (or a variable of a squat) 3x/wk. This is a 300% increase in volume over a week’s time! Never underestimate the power of ramping up to a new program. Your body needs time to adapt. This can help to avoid many of those nagging injuries that happen each time you start a new program. 

Take a look at your form and training volume! This can really help keep you healthier and make more progress in the long term.